Just like many other online essay-writing services, essayroo.com is specially comprised of some aspects. The site features:
Writing for multiple fields
Essayroo is made of writers with experiences from different fields. Writers on this site are holders of various papers of qualification from multiple areas and were seen as a fit to handle essay-writing jobs. The jobs range from high school, undergraduate to graduate school assignments.

Order pricing

The pricing of services offered on this page depends hugely on the education level, page count and urgency of submission. Essayroo.com comprises of discounts argued to help any student save on assignments expense.

essayroo price reviews

Privacy and security

Essayroo.com secures most of the transactions of its website. Data on this site is guaranteed protection. All that happens on the website remains on the website.

Is the CustomerService Any Good?

Once assignments have been done or there is the need for a correction or clarification there is the support section. We realized that essayroo.com have fairly working customer support. Essayroo has some people who handle queries, problems and even check for legitimacy of the page. All the communication to support is possible through email, phone, and live chat.

How Much Does EssayRoo Cost?

Essayroo.com prices their products and services based on the level of education or knowledge, the urgency and the page or word count as below:

Knowledge level

This is hugely dependent on the academic level of the student. Essayroo hugely focuses on academic or essays for high school, undergrad and graduate schools. We paid for essays on Essayroo concerning the time and effort they required for completion.

Word and page counts

Usually, many online essay writing websites base their writing on words per page for most academic works or actually per page. An average page well formatted is at 275 words. We assumed this was the way to go because the Essayroo.com did not indicate.


In the case, a job was urgent, just like many other pages, Essayroo could charge highly. Turn around time job was more expensive than a more than a day or a week job.
Also, essayroo had additional features that required payment namely: bibliographies, formatting, outlining, plagiarism reports and references.


Essayroo came with some quality aspects namely content, customer service, and writer qualities. Essayroo is made of writers with experience from a variety of fields; the writers showed the ability to generate content for essays from a variety of industries. The writers also showed the ability to produce high-quality content across many fields. They also had a customer services section on their site besides other platforms namely Google+, Facebook, Hotline and Chatting options.


Online essay writing products offered by this site ranged from high school to graduate school. Products offered by essayroo.com were namely admission and scholarship essays, personal statements, rewrites, letters and proofreads. High school assignments Essayroo could handle included lab reports, English language essays, speeches, and presentations. Undergraduate included assignments like research papers and movie reviews. Graduate assignments were namely: dissertation, legal briefs, research designs, case studies name them. These writings were not just all academic but also from multiple fields and required the efforts of writers with an understanding of most of the fields.

The Final Word

Generally, Essayroo is an online essay writing service. Price is hugely dependent on urgency, level of education, page and word counts. On a scale of five, we would like to rate the page at 2.5. We were not sure of the efficiency of its customer service and reliability of the website and slightly above two is a fair mark for essayroo.com online writing service.
Moreover, the services of this website can be separated by the pros and cons we came across.


1. Quick writing service. Essayroo is made of a large team of writers and therefore promises faster article delivery.
2. User-friendly website. Essayroo.com is quite easy to navigate with clearly stated tabs. All the services are also listed which makes it easy for one to identify what fits the services offered


1. Expensive writing services. $18.40 per page for a high school page is all outrageous, who can pay for that.

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