SameDayEssay has interface design that could seem too simple to navigate through. The homepage essentially contains fundamental information about the company and its policies. The outlook is fundamental despite being conspicuous and a little attractive. Even though SameDayEssay acknowledges the fact that not many people like reading wordy content, it seems too precise and lacks some vital information on the home page.
The writers’ interface has about three sections. There is the customer interface, the writer interface, and lastly the support and management interface. The outlay for all three interfaces is usually such that they have similar values and the logo.
The writer interface, in turn, has three sections: the orders section, the financial overview section, and the personal information section.
You are first required to fill in a form.

Is the Customer Service Any Good – Review SameDayEssay.com

Customer care service that is supposed to be 24/7 doesn’t always live up to expectation. The communication system is sometimes flawed and not harmonious. You may try to reach them via email, messaging or phone call to no avail. Even the live chat sometimes isn’t active on the side of the support team. The client may not always get prompt responses from the support team. At times, the support team isn’t appreciative of the efforts of clients to try and reach out to them. They will at times be less hospitable and not so professional with the way they deal with clients. Support may neglect your questions and concerns. Other times, they will take too long to deal with technical issues which may require some urgency.
At times the client is not able to keep in touch with the assigned writer through the anonymous message system. The client will find himself or herself not able to chat with the assigned writer for clarification on the chat board especially when there is vital information to be relayed. This effectively hampers communication between the writer and the client. The descriptions that need to be sought may eventually not be implemented as a result.

How Much Does SameDayEssay Cost? – Price Review

There is an offer for free revision when a native writer has ordered an assignment. The requirement is always to adhere to the instructions as given by the client. There are instances when this is not done. This grace period of free revisions only last the first months for first-time clients.

The discounts of 15% on offer for first-time clients are not always executed as promised. The academic assignment writing, custom research papers, and essays that are supposed to attract this discount end up paying the full price. Sometimes there are limits on order amounts. Some other ridiculous offers are usually placed when the client is enticed to believe that sending three assignment as a single order will also attract a discount. This is however never the case.


There is an influx of low-quality content. The research done is sometimes full of plagiarized work and one that doesn’t follow instructions. Sometimes the editors do not do all that is required to make sure the final paper submitted to the client is guaranteed of originality, uniqueness, quality and delivered within the client’s terms and conditions. Plagiarism reports some time inaccurate.


There has been an influx of complaints on the services offered by SameDayEssay. Clients have complained of getting research papers and dissertations with low quality. Many grammatical errors, incorrect format, and poorly presented work. This ruins the GPA and consequently the academic standing of the client. We would not recommend clients to seek SameDayEssay services.

The bonus system is flawed to the core. There is a 10% of the total cost that is supposedly used towards the next doesn’t always go that way. You will contact the support team about these bonuses, but seemingly your request might not get the responses they deserve. The policy that the more you order, the higher the bonuses and discounts do not always apply.

The Final Word

The standards of SameDayEssay are wanting, it would be improper. If a client chooses this, he/she will be risking much.


An interface design that could seem too simple to navigate through.


Confidentiality isn’t always guaranteed, SameDayEssay.com doesn’t always guarantee the security of personal information such as phone numbers, billing information, name and institution. When it is expected that third parties will not have access to this information.
Despite the policy of hiring qualified professional writers that will guarantee quality paper service delivery, there still seems to be a general inability to maintain exceptionally high standards.

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