The first thing that strikes us before we give an assignment to an essay writing service is what they are and what they offer, and ca.grademiners.com did not get it right. Cagrademiner.com on landing is made of the order template, video customer reviews and additional free services like free revision, communication with the writer and the customer support team.

Is the Customer Service Any Good?

Even though jobs can be impressive, the need for a good support system was appropriate. To get a job reviewed by ca.grademiners.com, you have to give it a period of up to two weeks. We believe most essays should not take that long, and if so there need to be more options so that a client assured of getting the job on time and having to return for review if need be. We got worried that we could ask for critical reviews of work and don’t get any from support.

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How Much Does GradeMiners Cost?

Usually writing service pricings need to be in the form of premiums, special offers clearly stated terms of payment. We could only see a 15 percent off for a first project, what of the other projects. What of other services like revision, plagiarism reports? We felt we needed all of it broken down so that our deal does not go sideways once the job is done.


We were not very impressed at some quality issues. Ca.grademiners.com writers and customer services are wanting:


This site is hugely Canadian. The main issue is that all their writers are locally bred and scared the hell out of us. We believe in diversity, and this site did perfectly well in denying us that. It could have been more enriching to have a mix of people from different walks so that the work comes with a different dimension altogether.
Moreover, customer service was tricky. It could have been best that there is always someone to respond to messages or chats. A lot of the work ca.grademiners could have been easily discussed through conversation, in the case issues a quick response and review could have been satiating to us.


We were not sure about the services offered but only to check the about us section that stated that ca.grademiners.com was an essay writing service. We had to involve the page and customer service for this information when the site could have clearly stated what it does on its landing page.
Besides, all the jobs done seem to be all Canadian. We could not understand how to approach the issue than to ask whether they are more ways of the jobs being done.

The Final Word

We could not find credibility and truth in the site. We could not trust it with our most important information and therefore thought it could be risky to leave them our job. On a scale of 5, we thought that a mark slightly above two, was a fair mark, that one could risk an try the site.
On rating cagrademiners.com we observed a number of pros and cons:


1. Quality content.

The pricing was high, gradminers argued they offer good services. From their customer reviews one could tell their content is of a good quality.


1. The website is a sham

An appeal is important. The website is the one part that creates credibility. We were hit with jobs and on looking for what looks genuine; we did not see this in the site. The site only provides a long landing page with less of appeal but an order template, we were not sure the job could be done.

2. Strictly Canadian

Most websites do not just limit themselves to only Canadian papers. The market is so big, and some clients come from a variety of areas who not only the job means anything to them but also the way they are perceived. It just worried us that our assignment could come back all-Canadian when it needed to appear original and easy to relate.

3. High prices

For an essay-writing piece of 275 words per page, $17 submitted in seven days, this is exceptionally high. If it was a job to be returned in a day, it is still crazy high. Most of these jobs are for students, and even quality needs to moderate pricing so that we can always come back.

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