A website is a good impression marker, the source of attention; the reason people can visit a website. When looking for online essay writing services ca.edusson was one of the places, we came across. We tried to see what it offers, and the website was quite flat with services and blog tab. We expected to see more than this. Most of the crucial aspects of the site are pushed low on the page. A good landing page needs to be a single page with everything on that page for easy navigation and use. The pages were filled with what one will actually need a manual to move around or even do a try and error.

Is the Customer Service Any Good?

As much as the projects were perfectly impressive, we were not with the customer support system. Ca.edusson is made of what is termed a live chat that guarantees no support. The other option, which is support@edusson is entirely unresponsive we had to assume some issues will turn out perfectly. It would have been better if there was a team of customer support and telephone hotline for that purpose. It was a huge worry that our revisions could go unhandled.

How Much Does Edusson Cost?

Usually writing service pricing is among the first aspects any student or essay client is looking for Edusson.com first required us to select a project, provide email, and wait for a password before proceeding, the whole process was long for no good reason. A simple order page with the pricin g would have been helpful and most convenient. There is no day we came across any offers or additional features that come with the services online essay writing sites provide.


The quality of a multiple of aspects on Edusson was quite unclear. Most sites hype or have an attraction which we did not find on landing at this page. We were worried that we could end up not getting quality service. Many things required tweaking:
This site is surprisingly Canadian. We were not sure the kind of writers were going to involve ourselves. Much of what we wanted to be done required diversity. The need for writers with more than a single worldview would have been perfect. They were also no referrals on page or customer reviews for that matter.

Customer service

We were quite confused about customer service. Live chat was not quite effective. The option of a support mail was not a guarantee for good quick response to the needs of the customers.



Edusson.com does not explicitly state what it handles. The site only provides certain options and does not say whether it handles services in what levels of education. There were many gaps here; the only way to apply for essay project to be done by edusson.com writers was through a search box. Stating clearly, what it handles by an option that was termed “any content” was tricky and untrustworthy.

The Final Word

We were not quite sure about the credibility of Edusson.com. The site was full of gaps that could not allow us to trust it with most of our work. On a scale of five, we thought something slightly above one was worth it. We could not recommend it for anyone due to the gaps the site came with and still feel a lot on the site should be tweaked before anybody can trust Edusson with any job.
On deciding to rate the site, we thought it best to provide its pros and cons:

1. Appealing website.

Edusson.com has a dark background, which allows for easy visibility.


1. The website is full of gaps

The site could have appeared appealing, but the site was quite incomplete. We were not sure of its credibility. We had a lot to be done and trying to figure out what the site could have offered was giving us problems. We could not invest our projects on the site because we thought our projects could go undone.

2. Strictly Canadian

We were not sure what the site could handle, and therefore we feared that we could be offered Canadian content. The online market is surprisingly big which makes the customers quite uneasy to predict. The site cannot predict who wants what service and therefore the fear was the content could have been all-Canadian.

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