The website mentioned above has great features when you log on to it for the first time without experiencing how it works. We would say, their Public Relations department (if they have one) must be overworking. They are protecting the image of their website in the outside but working with it at a clientele level is a total disappointment.

Nonetheless, the website responds most lazily. It takes forever to load and derails a client especially when their assignment is urgent and requires a lot of work for a perfect job. Sometimes you even want to get help from them, but the website is under maintenance. Of what use should they overpromise that then maintain a site when we need them the most.

 Is the Customer Service Any Good?

Their support team is paid for work not well done. If we were their boss, we would consider employee turnover or change them to a different department that accommodates laxity. We at one point wanted an essay to be done in a half an hour, and unfortunately, they took ages to reply if they could handle the work. We had to squeeze our time and do the job in a very tight schedule. That cost us both the mental and physical health.

How Much Does HomeworkHelpGlobal Cost?

They say cheap is expensive, no wonder we don’t trust any reasonable offer since we learned of that website. True to our word, homeworkhelpglobal is not very expensive, but its fair charges come with a hefty price. You will always be disappointed in them especially when you get bad reviews from the work they have done for you. That though doesn’t mean that they are incredibly cheap, they sometimes take advantage of our situation and make us pay handsomely for the work they have done. What irks most is that they will tell you about an increase in the price after they have set your mind to pay a certain amount that you are used to.


Honestly, we were not happy with work done in urgency. In as much as they have been given a short period, they shouldn’t use that as an excuse not to do quality work. Research when given job is very vital. They do not embrace the fact that they need to research regardless of their vast knowledge in the fields that we ask them to write essays on our behalf when we are not able to handle the work. A well-researched work will always be noticed from a distance because its quality is not so ordinary.


Feedback, like the message sent, is equally important. Imagine sending someone a message that you are in dire need of their help, but they take their time to get back to you. You will always feel unasked for or an annoying bother. When for instance you tell them that they did not do a good job, so you scored a low grade in an Economics essay which they claim to have prowess in, the website managers are not willing to take heed to the return policy of paying back when the work is not satisfactory. Once you pay them, they go silent on you until you give them another assignment; this is not a pleasing return policy, and they seem to lack one. Other times, you’d give them an essay in literature and they give you a different piece which you had not given them in the first place.

The Final Word

We would rate them below 2 out of 5 because we are not pleased with the work they do or whatever they have been doing for us. If we had only them to work with, we would instead do the assignments ourselves or not do the task if we are tied up. That said, here are the pros and cons of outsourcing this website for essay assignment purposes.
That said, we would wish not to recommend anyone that needs great help to go for homeworkglobal.com because of the experience we’ve had with them. On the flipside, we don’t discourage you not to engage them entirely but try them especially after this review that will make them improve their services.


  • The services are affordable
  • The website has been well packaged in terms of aesthetics


  • Website response is slow
  • Poor return policy
  • The work done has the lowest quality ever
  • Feedback takes ages to get to the client

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