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EsssayShark has a relatively easy interface for navigation. The landing page has a lot of content that those who seek their services may opt to ignore.
The home page aptly describes how to:

  • Place your order without advance payment
  • Chat with others
  • Watch each writer as they work on your order and immediately see the progress
  • Choose the writer you prefer
  • Communicate with your writer
  • Evaluate your writer

You fill in order details and view the bids, then you choose a writer and serve money to cater for payment of the order, you enjoy the process, you rate the services and the download your order. On EssayShark you are given the tools to manage the order by yourself which include choosing the order you like the most, dealing with any questions as the order progresses and evaluate the writer once the task is done.
EssayShark has four distinct interfaces. They are the academic writer interface, the admin interface, the client interface, and the customer support interface. All these interfaces have similar the colors, logos, and page formats.
Content in these specific interfaces varies with the appropriate user for the interface. The material is easy and understandable to a particular user.

Is the Customer Service Any Good?

EssayShark price reviews

The company support team is usually extremely slow, and their service delivery is abysmal. When clients contact them for technical help or any other issue, they often take too long to respond. This is occasioned by them placing the clients on a waiting line, and hence they are unable to solve matters in time.
When a customer complains, they usually become rude and snub some of the inquiries made by the clients. EssayShark usually claims that its services are available throughout the 24 hours in a day. That seems not to be entirely factual as there are instances where they are, and there is no one to attend to client’s needs.
Communication systems that are inefficient within the company have resorted to an adverse impact on the clients.

How Much Does EssayShark Cost – Essayshark price?

Essay Shark charges very high rates from the clients but pays their writers peanuts. The payment systems are not as impressive as claimed by EssayShark. There are many challenges while using it. The process is very complex, and the security of the information is not guaranteed.
Some freebies include discounts and bonuses that are given to new and loyal clients. These freebies don’t come easy, and when they are granted, they will be deducted twice from your credit card.
They promise free revisions to orders that have been done by their writers. These aren’t always done. They will demand payment to have the revision done as they claim that the revision is only possible after two weeks after which they will require the client to pay for it. This payment is exceptionally unfair considering that the standard requirement for the order is for the writer to deliver work that is satisfactory to the client.


The quality of services has been depreciating at an alarming rate. The primary goal of EssayShark had been to seal the gap in the industry that provided paper writing services. When the goal shifted to financial gains, the quality declined. Most of the clients do not have comprehensive knowledge of the order requirements, and therefore it hampers the quality of services one may require from the writers.


EssayShark.com delivered relatively average services when it started. Under this good service delivery from the onset, EssayShark.com attracted a large pool of clients who sought their services that include a wide range of paper writing services such as research papers, dissertations, and essays.
As the number of clients increased, the company shifted from high, professional services for clients to marketing dynamics. The aim became to amass as many clients as possible. They placed little emphasis on client needs and delivering quality papers as it was in the beginning. The focus shifted to the quantity of work in a bid to make more money.

With the increasing volume of clients and services, more staff was recruited without due regard to hiring processes. The result was disastrous. The writers who were hired did not have prior experience in academic writing. They lacked the requisite knowledge and skills to deliver high content. The papers delivered were substandard. The production was terrible.

The Final Word

There are a lot of poor services, using them as your service could bring a huge disappointment to you. It is advisable that you seek help elsewhere.


Relatively easy interface for navigation


  • Sluggish communication channels
  • Discounts that are the scam
  • A very unsafe payment system that could lead to double deductions
  • Unprofessional and incompetent quality editors.

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