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When we visited/reviewed for an assignment, we got welcomed to their website. A website is a source of impression and if the website is full of surprises expect a job full of surprises. It all needs to look right, but from the onset, the site did not look right:

Appealing page

The appeal was, but the graphics were incredibly huge. For a page that handles hugely sensitive content, we were afraid that our work could end up undelivered for writing when the deadline was this heavy and lagging. As much as it looks all dark, the landing page gave us huge problems trying to load a variety of areas to understand what the site handles and how it handles it.


As much as argued that they were giving customized prices, they did agree that jobs between 3 to 48 hours could be priced hugely. Other discouraging reasons were that a writer could charge more when their actual workload was high. The prices were not fixed; writers could hike their rates if it neared the festive season. Quite outrageous, was charging for investment on research which made their papers quite expensive.

Is the Customer Service Any Good – Check Review?

The jobs by might have been better, but the customer was slow in response. In the case, we had issues with our jobs we had to wait for a long time to get the response from customer support to have our jobs to be reviewed. Such waiting time was making the whole process quite unreliable and that the only way we could get what we wanted was through paying for turnaround time jobs, which could take between 3 to 48 hours so that at this period one could be able to handle corrections. Most essays are not supposed to take long and even when they are huge; they need to be fairly charged and allowed for customer supposed to solve issues in real time.

How Much Does EssayWriter Cost?

Most writing services offer particular ways of pricing, and those processes do not worry customers. The whole system from the top down was quite confusing. We were not always sure about what will be charged when. The terms of payment were surprisingly beyond our reach due to the high demands the writers on this page. was all an expensive subscription. Besides, one had to worry of extra charges like the investment on research charges and the seasonal price demands by writers.


We were not entirely impressed by some quality of issues at review as follows:


The writers scared the hell out of us. Their demands were hugely outrageous; we could not imagine how other students, undergrads, and graduates would manage the requests. Being an established page, is full of experienced writers that charged hugely.
Which such huge network access to support was quite cumbersome. One had to wait until odd hours to get assistance when there were issues of concern. In case one had queries, one had to seek help from a variety of previous users, problems that could be handled by the customer support.

Services was not clear on services it offered. It limits the customer to some projects they state they can handle, even so, one has to send a free-inquiry then wait for requests from multiple writers. This could take longer than expected when we were the ones that were to pay for the service and not the ones providing the service. It could be prudent that the customer explains what they want to be handled so that one does not have to wait for long to have to select a writer on an urgent task.

The Final Word

We found a lot of things on the site quite unfriendly. On a scale of five, we thought it best to rate at two due to its all-frustrating nature. Highly unreliable expensive writers.
On rating this page according to services offered, we established a number of pros and cons as follows:


High-quality content, this was hugely evident due to the large team that makes


Expensive writing services. There was no fixed rate; times between October and December were the most highly priced. High school assignment done by a highly experienced writer was extremely expensive.
Heavy page. The website is a highly graphic site. Could take a lot of time to load on certain days.
Writers cannot be termed as reliable. The team is hugely sunk on the job. Access to a writer could be hard, on other days one had to pay hugely for a single page high school assignment.

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